Support Description of BCS-160

Sort denomination?

Hello George, BCS-160 is 1+1 pockets money sorter and discriminator. when you choose SDC mode, the machine will sort mixed denominations notes based on the first denomination it recognizes. For example, the first note it $20, it will count $20 only send kick other denominations to reject pocket. Hope it is clear for you.

By Ribao Technology SELLER  on October 15, 2021

Does ribao bcs-160 bank grade two-pocket mixed value counter have print option?

We have recommended printers that are compatible with BCS160. You can email us and we will give you the links to the printer.

By Ribao Technology SELLER  on September 9, 2020

Does this counter work with 220 volt and 50 hertz? it will be used over seas outside of the usa!

Hello, I only use on 110V in USA, Try to read the manual.

By Jenrry de Leon on October 17, 2020

Dear Ribao customer, yes, BCS-160 is a mixed denomination money sorting machine, it supports many currencies like USD, EURO, CAD, MXN, PERU, COP .etc, and also supports to count mixed currencies together. Please feel free to contact our after sale team or +1 (206) 406 7653

By Ribao Technology SELLER  on March 10, 2022

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