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Coin Counting Machine is a more cost-effective option if you need to sort a few denomination coins at high speed.
Otherwise, choose a multi-pockets Coin Sorter to sort full denomination coins at one time. 

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coin counting machine with large capacity stacker

If your daily coin counting quantity is over 5000.
Our choice:

Large Capacity Coin Counter

  • 18000 coins capacity with automatic coin feeder
  • Countable coins: US, Canadian, and Mexican coins
  • Durable, heavy-duty design: Count up to 50,000,000 coins without changing any parts
  • Accurate batch function with 2300 coins/min couting speed 


If your daily coin counting quantity is between 1000-5000.
Our choice:

Heavy Duty Coin Counter

  • Hopper capacity: 12000 coins(dimes)
  • Countable coins: US, Canadian, Mexican coins
  • Memory function with a sub-total, total and history total
  • Accurate batch function with 2300 coins/min counting speed 



coin counting machines with medium capacity hopper
portable coin counting machine

If your daily coin counting quantity is less than 1000.
Our choice:

Protable Coin Counter

  • Hopper capacity: 2000 coins(dimes)
  • Countable coins: US, Canadian, Mexican coins
  • It comes with a tube connector, replacement belts, and cleaning tools.
  • Counts coins smoothly and accurately.



Coin Sorter is your best choice if you need to count and sort a large amount of coins of multiple denominations separately. Ribao technology provide the premium coin counters & sorter to accuratly and efficiently handle your coins by denomination.

Boost Your Business. Free Your Hand.

CS-600B is a heavy duty seven channels Coin Sorting Machine without counterfeit detection.

Heavy Duty Coin Sorter

  • Complete metal construction: This machine is built to last
  • Patented physical sorting system: sort coins by denomination
  • Low noise: Quietly helps you handle a large number of coins
  • Unique batch function: Batch quantity for each denomination individually



Heavy duty coin sorting machine
coin sorting machine for bank

CS610S+PRO is the bank-grade Coin Sorting Machine with premium counterfeit detection.

Bank-Grade Coin Sorter

  • Bank-grade alloy sensor: Easily detect counterfeit coins by Material/Size/Magnetic
  • Complete metal construction: This machine is built to last
  • Patented physical sorting system: Sort coins by denomination(7 channels)
  • User friendly interface: Makes it easy to use 



Ribao Technology also produces excellent mixed money counters.
Our bill counter uses the latest image recognition technology to read a mixed stack of bills as it's fed through while automatically reading the denomination of each bill.

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40-Days Money Back Guarantee.   2 Years Warranty.

60-days money back guarantee for coin counting machine and coin sorter

When you shop on Ribaostore, you enjoy a 40-day money-back guarantee on all items. During this time, you can return an item purchased from our online store for a full refund by stating your reason.

2 years warranty for coin counting machines and coin sorter

We promise two years warranty. Please get in touch with our customer care staff for any problem such as an error message, bill jam, or software update. Our after-sales team in Seattle will get back to you within 12 hours.

About Coin Counting Machine

A coin counting machine is a piece of useful equipment for businesses that do a lot of coin dealings. These machines do exactly the same for coins that a cash counting machine does for currency bills. They are mechanized for counting the number of coins placed in the machine. It is interesting to note that there are a few models available with us that can sort the coins first into various denominations separately and then count them or vice versa. These machines serve both the purpose of counting the exact number of coins along with the value they hold while sorting them into nickels, quarters, dimes, pennies, and even dollar coins. 

Coin counting machines are highly in use for small businesses such as parking garages and laundromats, which usually charge and accept coin payments from the user end. Manual counting of coins would take a lot of your time and can end up as something too frustrating. Moreover, a problem pops up when you need to sort the coins with mixed denominations and then count them one by one. All these problems can be solved instantly with the installation and use of any of our best-selling coin counting machines. Not to be missed, they are even equipped with tracing whether a coin deposited is genuine or a counterfeit- something your eyes are likely to overlook. 


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