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Ribao technology started studying currencies since 1996. In 26 years, we have gone from coins to banknotes, US dollars to 102 currencies around the world. Ribao maintains our leadership in the industry of currency identification and counterfeit detection.

Ribao two pockets money sorter BCS-160 is a non-stop currency sorter. The reject pocket is designed for rejecting counterfeit notes, warn notes or foreign notes. Non-stop counting hugely save your time.  Unique Design of Dust proof cover: Prevents you from being hurt with viruses and germs when counting banknotes. Super low counting noise to provide you a nice working environment.


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  • Ribao BCS-160 User Manual
  • How to update BCS-160 firmware
  • BCS-160 Upper Monitor


Insturction of "Operation instruction",  "Quick start",  "Basic maintenance"

Learn more FAQ videos.

Operation instruction of BCS 160

This video tells you what to do when you use the Money Counter&Sorter BCS-160 first time.

Quick start of BCS-160 

Unboxing video of Money Sorter BCS-160. The video shows you how to quick start the machine.

Basic maintenance of BCS-160 

This video tells you how to do basic maintenance of Money Counter and Sorter BCS-160.

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