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Currencies Expert
Since 1996

This machine count all currencies

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Multiple currencies

Get 32 currencies(optional) and mixed
Value Counting for Mixed

Boost your business. Free your hand

Are daily cash counting still time

Ribao Money Counter BC-55

Easy & efficient

Helps you Settlement daily cash with denomination
breakdown within 2mins

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Ribao Coin Counter HCS-3300

fast & accurate

Super Fast! Ribao HCS-3300 only takes 1 minute to
count 1500 coins

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Can YOu Figure Out Which One Is
The CounterFeit?

The Human Eye Can’t Tell, The
Machine Knows



Bank Grade Mixed Bill Counter BC-55


Mixed Bill Value Counter & Sorter BCS-160


Business Grade Coin Counter & Sorter CS-600B


Medium Capacity High Speed Coin Counter HCS-3300


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