Quick start of Money Counter BC-55




Ribao technology started studying currencies since 1996. In 26 years, we have gone from coins to banknotes, US dollars to 102 currencies around the world. Ribao maintains our leadership in the industry of currency identification and counterfeit detection.

Ribao BC-55 Premium Bank Grade Money Counter is a leading product in the industry. It has powerful Function with Excellent performance: Mixed denomination Bill counter machine count and calculate 12 different currencies with serial number reading. BC-55 has been sold to 58 countries in the world and been widely used in bank system.


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  • Ribao BC-55 User Manual
  • How to update BC-55 firmware
  • BC-55 Upper Monitor


Insturction of "Quick start",  "How to Upload data to PC",  "Counterfeit detections of BC-55"

Learn more FAQ videos.

Quick start of BC-55

This is a FAQ video of Ribao BC-55: it tells you what you need to do after unpacking you money counter..

How to Upload data to PC

This video shows how do customer connect to PC to upload counting details on BC-55.

Counterfeit detections of BC-55 

The video shows what counterfeit detection are available for the machie: MG,IR,IRT,UV,SIZE...

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The benefits of having a coin counter for vending machine businesses

If you still have not decided if you should get a coin counter, let’s look at how a coin counter could make your work easier and how it can save you the time needed to focus on more important things.

The importance of coin counter for Laundromat Business

Accepting the coins is inevitable if you run small businesses like laundromat stores. You know the pain of counting the coins manually at the end of the day. It is not only a boring job but also when you are tired it makes your time worse. It is an utter waste of time and takes a lot of time and effort. The sad news is you cannot skip this activity. Hence, the coin counter is a must.

Basic Operating Principle of a Bill Counter

A bill counter is one of the most important tools in the money-counting business. The machine can efficiently handle the hard, time-consuming, and costly process. The machines have batching and counterfeit detection features that make the work easier and safer. And that is why they are used extensively in banks.

Why Your Cash-Based Business Needs a Coin Sorting Machine

More customers are preferring the use of cash bills and coins, and any cash-based business certainly agrees with that. But there can be certain challenges with accepting cash bills and coins too. For one, it increases the time spent for cashing out at the end of the day. Your employees will need to count the money in the till or vending machine. That can be time-consuming, so you need a better way for them to manage the money, so you can put in an accurate total at the end of the day.

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