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About us

Professional Cash Handling equipment manufacturer

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We are Ribao technology (USA) inc. headquartered in Dallas, USA. We have been producing cash handling equipment for many years.

Quality is what Ribao cares about the most. For the durability of our products, we have made a lot of efforts towards the use of raw materials, craftsmanship, and technology. We will always strive to improve the accuracy, security, convenience, and efficiency that consumers are concerned about and make cash processing equipment trustworthy for your business.

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ribao mission

Mission and Vision

Providing simple and convenient cash-handling options.

What We Achieved

Utilizing our self-developed ACR technology, we have developed over 100 currencies. Our sales reach across 55 markets worldwide, and we boast a comprehensive after-sales department based in the United States.

Our machines have extremely effective anti-counterfeiting technologies against fake banknotes, especially the USD super dollars. Investing in our cash handling technology can prevent numerous avoidable losses for your business.

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