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Can You Figure Out Which One Is The Counterfeit Bill?

dollar bill
100 dollar bill

The Human Eye Can't Tell, Ribao Bill Counting Machine Knows.

bill counting machine knows it is genuine by Infrared detection.
bill counting machine knows it is fake money by infraed detection

Infrared Spectrum Images Scaned By Money Value Counter BC-55

bill counting machine knows it is genuine by UV detection
bill counting machine knows it is counterfeit by UV detection

Ultraviolet Spectrum Images Scaned By Bill Counter Machine BC-55

Seeing Is Not Believing

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"This is one smart mixed bill counting machine that lives up to its promise,  and we'd be excited to have it in our business."


"RIBAO BC-55 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter expedites and simplifies the counting of your bills and introduces a new level of efficiency in your operations."


"Unlike basic bill counters, it automatically scans a mixed stack of bills as it passes to count and sort them by denomination."

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About Bill Counting Machine

You have most likely come across bill counting machines several times in your life, but unless you yourself work at any bank or own a business, there are hardly any chances you enjoy accessing them. These bill-counting machines are very important for any including the small business or banking organizations, to ensure smooth operation- for cash transactions. They are designed for counting mixed denominations or numbers of the bills placed into them. These machines are typically available in the rear loading designs allowing you to put the bills right in the rear end of the machine. Once the counting is done, you can pick up the notes from the front of the machine. 

Talking of the mechanism of most of the bill counting machines we offer, all that you need to do is place the bills in the machine, and it will pull in the currency note or bill, count the amount of the bill that has been inserted, and provide you the exact denomination of the bills in the stack. While manual counting is subject to a lot of mistakes, as well as is time-consuming, the use of a bill counting machine is effortless, saves a lot of your valued time, which you can use for other productive tasks, and also reduces the chances of counting errors when a large sum is involved. Other than that, our bill counting machines are the best for counterfeit detection too.