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Can You Figure Out Which One Is The Counterfeit Bill?

dollar bill
100 dollar bill

The Human Eye Can't Tell, Ribao Cash Counting Machine Knows.

cash counting machine knows it is genuine by Infrared detection.
bill counting machine knows it is fake money by infraed detection

Infrared Spectrum Images Scaned By cash Counter BC-55

bill counting machine knows it is genuine by UV detection
bill counting machine knows it is counterfeit by UV detection

Ultraviolet Spectrum Images Scaned By Cash Counter Machine BC-55

Seeing Is Not Believing

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bill counting machine with advanced technology



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"This is one smart cash counting machine that lives up to its promise,  and we'd be excited to have it in our business."


"RIBAO BC-55 Mixed Denomination Cash Counter expedites and simplifies the counting of your bills and introduces a new level of efficiency in your operations."


"Unlike basic cash counters, it automatically scans a mixed stack of bills as it passes to count and sort them by denomination."

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Cash Handling Solutions

Ribao Technology offers an effective cash handling solution for businesses requiring rapid and accurate processing of large volumes of banknotes. Our comprehensive range of money counting machines is designed to cater to diverse requirements, including the counting of different denominations and mixed bills from multiple countries, serial number identification, a variety of counterfeit detection configurations, precise total value calculation, and the generation of a detailed breakdown list, etc.

All you need to do is place the bills in the machine, and it will pull in the banknote, count the amount of the bill that has been inserted, and provide you the exact detailed breakdown of the bills. Our solutions ensure optimal efficiency, accuracy, and security for your cash management needs.


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