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Large Capacity High Speed Coin Counter HCS-3500AH

  • Countable coins: All US, Canadian, Mexican coins
  • Counting speed: 2500 coins/min
  • Motorized hopper capacity:18000 coins with the hopper extender installed.
  • Durable, heavy duty design: ensure 50,000,000 coins counting without changing any parts.
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Ribao HCS-3500AH: A Machine Built to Meet Your Demand

Ribao HCS-3500AH can count special for US and Canadian. All coins diameter within 25 mm, thickness within 2 mm can be count.

With a large hopper capacity of 4000 coins and the counting speed of 1800 coins/min (for the diameter of the coin 25 mm), you can handle your coin counting more efficiently.

  •  【 Right Position】 The diameter & thickness label is marked with US and            Canadian coin denomination, easy to find the right position.
  •  【 Setting and Accurate Counting】 The CAM is designed Specially for US and Canadian coins too, fixed and unique position for each denomination, easy for setting, and accurate counting.
  •  【 Counting Mode and Counting speed】 There are three counting modes: Continuous Counting Mode, Batch Counting Mode(1-9999), Accumulation Counting Mode. 2500 coins/min(for coins with a diameter of 25mm and thickness 2mm)
  •  【 Motorized Hopper Capacity】 4,000coins without the hopper extender installed, 18,000 coins with the hopper extender installed. The motorized hopper controls the coin flux to avoid jamming and assuring fast counting speed.
  •  【 Durable, Heavy-Duty Design】 Every part of the machine is designed for heavy-duty use and easy operation, which can ensure 50,000,000 coins counting without changing any critical parts.

Ribao HCS-3500AH: A Machine Built to Meet Your Demand

Ribao HCS-3500AH can count all US, Canadian, Mexican, other foreign coins, and tokens thickness within 0.8-3.8mm, diameter within 14-34mm.

With a large hopper capacity of 4000 coins and the counting speed of 1800 coins/min (for the diameter of the coin 15 mm), you can handle your coin counting more efficiently.

Memory Backup Function

This function enables users to get back the last counting result if power is cut off suddenly: During the counting, if the power is cut off suddenly, after re-connecting the power, and switch on the machine, the quantity of the last counting will be shown on the LED.


Professional Coin Counting Machine

Heavy-Duty, Durable and Reliable

All parts of Ribao HCS-3500AH are made of strong and durable materials. Most inner parts are made of stainless steel, and a strengthened belt is used. This assures it to keep well working after being used for years.

The Side Cover can be opened. Then, pull up the Front Feed Pulley Arm and push & pull the Lock Plate upward to remove the foreign objects.

Fix A Coin Bag or A Coin Tube

When you use coin bag, please place the bottom of the coin bag on the floor, or on a stand, to prevent the machine from tipping over, Install the Coin Reject Box onto the side of the machine.

Easy to Set and Use

Turn on the power, adjust the thickness knob and diameter knob according to the coins you are counting, pour the coins into the hopper, press the individual START button, the machines starts counting.

The machine is not designed for counting mixed coins, but if there are some other denominations mixed, please remember you need to count from the bigger coins to smaller coins, means you need to set the knob based on the biggest coins first, then the smaller coins will be off sorted from the reject cup.

Technical Parameter

Counting Speed: 1800 Coins/Min. (for coins with a diameter of 25mm and thinckness of 2mm)

Hopper Capacity: 4000 coins (for coins diameter of 25 mm and thickness of 2 mm.)

Thickness: 0.8 to 3.8mm

Diameter : 14 to 34 mm (Adjust coin qty. adjusting gate to minimum for diameter <24mm; to middle for diameter 24~25mm; to maximum for diameter >25mm)

Technical Details

Counting Speed 2500 Coins/Min. (for coins with a diameter of 25mm and thinckness of 2mm)
Hopper Capacity 4000 coins  (for coins diameter of 25 mm and thickness of 2 mm.)
Countable Coin Size Thickness:0.8 to 3.8mm
Diameter :14 to 34 mm (Adjust coin qty. adjusting gate to minimum for diameter <24mm; to middle for diameter 24~25mm; to maximum for diameter >25mm)
Max. Counting Display 9999999(Counting Display)
9999(Batch Display)
Counting Mode Continuous Counting Mode
Batch Counting Mode: 1-9999
Accumulation Counting Mode
Power Consumption 85 W  (During operation)
Power Requirements AC 120V ± 10%, 60Hz  or  AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
Environment For Storage -30º C — +80º C
Environment For Use 0º C — +40º C

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your two models hcs-3300 and hcs-3500ah?

Hello Ribao customer, compared with HCS-3300, HCS-3500AH has a bigger motorized hopper, the coins were transported by a flat belt to the disk, you can put more coins at one time and also control the coin flux to avoid jam. Please feel free to contact our after sale team

Does ribao hcs-3500 support 220V?

It does not support 220V. But we have another coin counter mode HCS-25, which can be used in both 110V and 220V, you can consider that model. Any question, please feel free to contact

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Keith Kamen

i have a cs-10 model i bought a few months ago. I'm looking to buy another one. And then I bought this HCS-3500, it is very durable and can count much more coins at a time, very satisfied

Hello Keith
Thanks for choosing Ribao Technology again and very appreicated your positive feedback!
We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service and customer care. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need any assistance in the future.

Thomas Clausen
lightened our workload

We go threw about $10-$18k dollars in quarters every month due to our large arcade game area attached to our roller rink . And this coin counter improved our efficiency and lightened our workload. I am considering buy a new one.

Hello Thomas
Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback with us. We appreciate your support and Ribao Technology will continue to work hard to provide high-quality products for our customers!

Kohonah From Amazon
They stand by the product

We ordered the counter and had an issue with a jam. We learned more about the machine and have worked out the jamming issue. We contacted Ribao and they were very eager to help and teach how to use the machine. Very helpful in service and made sure we were happy. The service made the difference and we are happy! Thank you.

Bob Peters
Functional, practical for large coin counting

Bought this to replace an older coin counter, works great and as advertised

It was resolved
Work well

The only thing is that reaching the company customers service is difficult.

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