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All of us, as children, wondered what could happen if we photocopy money. It is a curious question that also has some points. If money is made of paper, then why cannot we just photocopy them to create more money? Technology has become really advance nowadays, and when it comes to printing, there are several options available in the market to go for. These technologies will not only allow you to do high-definition photocopy, but also you can go for a 3D photocopy as well. So, why can't you do that with real cash as well? What will happen if you photocopy money? Here are the answers to all your curious questions. 

Can you photocopy money? 

The short and simple answer is no. If you think that you can use your high-end printer (no matter which company it is from) for photocopying your money and eventually you will become rich, it is not going to happen. The primary fact is that it is not legal, and it is a criminal activity, and if someone catches you while doing this, you will have to go through a great punishment. But, it is not the only reason why we are saying that it is not possible. If you try to photocopy money, your printer will not be your friend in this mission. Yes, printers can photocopy almost everything that is made of paper but not money. If you try to photocopy currency notes by using modern printers, they will either completely reject you or they will shut down on their own. No matter how much you try to make your printer do the job for you, your printer will understand that it is being used in some fraudulent activities, and it will reject you to do so. So, it is impossible to photocopy money by using modern printers. 

How can the printer understand that you are trying to copy money?

If it was that easy to make new money and become rich, the world economy would have fallen to never rise again. Scientists successfully found the solution to this problem. They invented photocopiers that were able to detect if you are trying to photocopy actual money. All the major economies around the world have adopted the same pattern for their currency notes, which is the EURion constellation. This is a specific blueprint of disjointed circles visible on the notes; if the circles are not so clear, they can also be veiled as numbers or musical notes as well. It is actually the symbols incorporated in the design of several bill currencies across the globe. According to the experts, this has been in practice since the mid-1990s. You can easily spot the tiny zeroes on the backside of a $20 bill, and also, if you are from any other country, you can find it on the backside of your currency cash as well. So, if you didn't know their purpose, you know that now. 

For the first few years, it was like a mystery, and no one could understand the pattern, but in 2002, Markus Kuhn, a computer scientist, discovered this pattern. No matter which machine you are using, it can detect the pattern the moment you place the money in it. As a result, it will immediately stop printing the money to stop you from making an attempt to create counterfeit money. It is the little secret trick applied by governments of different nations, which is extremely important and effective. Besides that, nowadays, printers also come with some extra security features that can detect real money, and immediately, they get shut down so that you cannot try to make a photocopy of the real money. For example,  In Australia and New Zealand, they are using holographic marking and abandoning paper money altogether in favor of polymer Bank notes. It is reported that this practice has been there since the 80s or 90s. 

What if you manage to cheat the trick? 

Money counterfeiting is a illegal

First of all, it is impossible to cheat the trick used by world economic guardians as those marks are an unavoidable part of bill currencies that you cannot separate from them. Even after that, let's imagine for a second that you have managed to cheat the trick. Do you know what will happen after that? Creating counterfeit money is considered one of the deadliest crimes across the globe, and several organizations, including the government organizations and the police forces of every country, are always ready to find out the sources of counterfeit money. For example, if you try to do it in China and get caught, you will get a life sentence. If you try to do it in the USA, You will be behind bars in the United States for a minimum of 20 years. Money counterfeiting is a big crime, and technology is available to benefit people and stop them from doing anything illegal or wrong. So, it is best to drop the idea once and forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the EURion constellation?
    The EURion constellation is a specific pattern of disjointed circles or symbols integrated into the design of many global currencies. This pattern is detectable by photocopiers and printers, which helps prevent counterfeiting.

  2. When did the use of the EURion constellation in currency design start?
    This practice has been in use since the mid-1990s. The pattern was discovered by computer scientist Markus Kuhn in 2002.

  3. What are some other security measures used in money printing?
    The article mentions that modern printers come with extra security features to detect real money. For example, Australia and New Zealand utilize holographic markings and have transitioned to polymer banknotes to increase security.

  4. Are there any countries that use different security measures in their currency?
    Yes, some countries like Australia and New Zealand have abandoned paper money altogether in favor of polymer banknotes with holographic markings.

  5. Why is counterfeiting money considered a deadly crime?
    Counterfeiting undermines the economy and trust in the financial system. It can lead to economic instability, hence it is considered a serious crime.

  6. Who can detect and penalize money counterfeiting?
    Government organizations and police forces across the globe, equipped with advanced technologies such as money counter machines, are able to detect sources of counterfeit money and enforce penalties against those involved in counterfeiting activities.

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