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Russia is a transcontinental country and the largest country in the world. The population of the country is about 145.5 billion. The economic growth of the country is increasing rapidly, favouring them in the international market. Different rumors are circulating about the changing or releasing of new banknotes by the bank of Russia. The Central Bank of Russia has issued an updated 100 ruble bank note. It is dedicated to Moscow and the Central Federal District. Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, Sergey Vladimirovich, stated in a recent press conference about the newly updated 100 ruble note. It was released by the Bank on June 30th, 2022. The bank introduced a new 100 ruble note almost after 18 years. It was initially released in 1990 and was modified twice in 2000 and 2004, respectively.

ruble banknote

Features of the New 100 Ruble Note

Bank of Russia artists worked for more than a year to work out the banknote design. There were a dozen characters that were claimed to be imprinted in the new banknote. In 2021, the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia approved the sketch for the new 100 ruble banknote. The approach to designing the banknotes is unique from the previously issued notes. Previously, the notes were designed based on urban themes, where each bill was dedicated to a city, thereby adding regional biasness. The new 100 ruble note has an improved design to improve the heterogeneity of the Russian regions' image. It highlights the history and achievements of the country. The artists created a modern design containing a reinforced protective complex, similar to the materials used in a 200 ruble bank note.

The hundred ruble banknote is devoted to Moscow and the central federal district. A portion of the Spasgai tower with chimes from the Moscow Kremlin serves as the primary image on the front side of the freshly revised banknote. The Zhevsky memorial to the Soviet soldier is placed on the other side. The banknote has a QR code on it and is constructed with an olive orange colour scheme.

The modified banknotes will begin circulation, directing users to the Bank of Russia page, where comprehensive information on the statement and signs of validity is posted. On the territory of the Russian Federation, banknotes issued in 2022 will gradually become a legal form of tender and be compelled to be acknowledged at face value when paying for any kind of goods and services without any limitations. They will circulate on par with the current model of the 1997 one hundred ruble banknote, with changes for 2001 and 2004. According to Sergey Belov, deputy governor of the Bank of Russia, the old ones will be obsolete in ten years during a presentation on the new 100 ruble notes.

new 100 ruble bank note

The efficiency of the 100 Ruble Banknote

With the help of the newly updated banknote, the Bank of Russia is trying to restore the history and heritage of the country. The unique modifications and design of the note highlight the history and achievements of the country. The colours of the image variables allow when shaking the banknote the inscription of Russia. The denomination that changes colour when turning a banknote is a complex technological solution but very easy to use. It can be fully said that using it is easy to check and very difficult to fake. We managed not only to use it as a security feature but also to establish a certain semantic connection binding to the object, which is important to personify the central federal district of Tula. The Tula samovar chapel of Our Lady of Kazan in Yaroslavlis all visible on micro 1 3 on micro images and can be easily seen armed with a magnifying glass. Traditional security elements such as micro text are certainly present on the banknote and are still relevant for the protection of banknotes. The banknotes could be used by people with some limitations, for example, in terms of vision and tactile elements, allowing people to navigate the denomination of banknotes.

Final Words

The necessary set of machine-readable features that allow processing of this banknote in ATMs oval machines, and complex security banknotes has been created. It allows quickly enough to adapt the technique because it has the necessary continuity regarding those banknotes. The ability to use these signs requires some training and the work done in the preparation process by the Bank of Russia for disseminating information through mobile application tools is extremely important. Technically everything is ready for mobile information in the application that will appear in the next update.


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