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Coins are extremely valuable to businesses such as laundromats, car washes, and theme parks. What appears to be a small change can quickly build up to large gains.

One disadvantage of collecting payment in this manner is that one must then devote time in the evening of each workday manually counting pennies. One could be doing so many other things instead of sorting dimes and nickels and wrapping them all neatly.

Manual coin counting might be soothing for some people. It's a careful process that you may get lost in, much like knitting or stamp collecting. Nevertheless, for the majority of people who don't have the patience to wait and manually count coins, sort them out, and bundle them up, a competent coin sorter machine is a useful tool to relieve tension.

The Coinstar machine, which turns change into cash, is widely popular in the United States. They are available at all major supermarkets as well as select bank branches. There is, however, a cost for using a Coinstar. If you have to deal with a large number of coins every day, it is more cost-efficient to get your own coin changer.

A coin counter can help one count all of their money and comes with accessories to assist you to wrap up loose coins in predetermined amounts so you can quickly deposit them at the bank. If you have staff that count money by hand, a private coin sorter machine will boost overall efficiency. Your staff will have much more time to assist with other time-consuming duties like technical support or customer care.

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What is a coin sorter machine?

A coin sorter machine is a sorting machine that can identify counterfeit coins, sort them, and count them. The sorting process can determine the total amount, total number, number of foreign coins, and number and quantity of each coin, and it can reject 99.99% of counterfeit coins. Data may be printed and stored.

Coins that surpass the preset amount will be directed to the sidecar and restored to the coin holding box while the job is being done, fulfilling the function of presetting without pausing, which may minimize waiting time and enhance working efficiency by more than two times.

The coin separating machine may be found in a variety of settings, including the subway, bus companies, huge game halls, banks, in the vending industry, gaming industry, supermarkets, shops, and others.

Is a Coin Sorter Machine Worth It?

It depends on how often you have to sort coins and how many coins you have to sort. If you have a large amount of coins that need to be sorted on a regular basis, a coin sorter machine may be worth it. On the other hand, if you only have a small number of coins that need to be sorted on an infrequent basis, a coin sorter machine may not be worth the cost. It might be more cost-effective to sort your coins manually in these cases.

If you've ever been frustrated by emptying your piggy bank, summing up all your coins, and carrying them to the local Coinstar just to be charged a 12% fee, you're not alone. Perhaps it's time to investigate the advantages of a coin counter and why buying one for yourself or your clients is a worthwhile investment.

Whether you're a laundromat owner, an arcade instructor, or have a clientele that relies significantly on coins, obtaining your own coinage and contemplating buying this equipment is a no-brainer. We recommend the RIBAO CS-600B Professional Coin Counter and Sorter to meet all your coin sorting needs.


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RIBAO CS-600B Professional Coin Counter and Sorter

The Ribao CS-600B is a coin sorting and counting machine designed for intensive use. It can count and sort up to 600 coins every minute while also calculating the number, value, and total amount. A CCD image sensor with great resolution counts and classifies coins into different drawers.

With the capability to reject 99.99% of counterfeit and foreign coins, this coin sorter machine comes with amazing features. They include:


  • Countable coins – It counts coins with a diameter within 14-31 mm, and a thickness within 4 mm.
  • Counting speed – The machine counts at an approximate speed of 600 coins per minute with low noise. The hopper capacity can take up to approximately 600 coins as well.
  • Easy to operate – The Ribao CS-600B requires very little training to operate. The counter can split up to six different denominations in one go, and a straightforward LED panel shows the grand total as well as the results of each single coin drawer. The machine may be controlled manually by touching the control panel to save, preset, export, reset, and set. If that wasn’t enough, when the scoring machine malfunctions, the machine will show the relevant fault code for simple maintenance
  • Heavy Duty Design – The Ribao CS-600B is made to last. The machine's steel design makes it extremely sturdy and long-lasting. A uniquely engineered revolving coin disk is built to withstand heavy use while maintaining effective coin packing into the rail.
  • Counting accurately and easy maintenance – Its basic sorting rail feature makes counting and sorting very accurate while also ensuring regular cleaning and maintenance is an easy process. If a coin reaches the predetermined number, it will not keep falling and the machine will remain operational. When the predetermined number is achieved, the device will automatically halt, and the number and quantity of coins collected will be shown.


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