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Gas stations, also known as service stations, provide motorists with a variety of fuel products such as petrol, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas, as well as electrical vehicle charging stations.

Gas stations are progressively providing more than simply a pump, with a convenience shop selling confectionary, cigarettes, vehicle accessories, frozen foods, publications, sim cards, beverages, ice cream, pastries, and coffee. Some even double up as restaurants, motels, supermarkets, grocery stores and more. As each contemporary fuel station entrepreneur is also a roadside merchant, doubling up is an important aspect of business success.

As of 2022, there are 66,598 gas stations with convenience store enterprises in the United States, a 0.9% growth from 2021. As a matter of fact, over the past five years between 2017 and 2022, the number of enterprises in the Gas Stations with Convenience Stores industry in the United States increased by 0.9% each year on average.

What makes a gas station unique compared to other retail stores?

Gas stations have a distinct business model. One of the very first actions one should take is to establish a business structure in the first place.  Are you going to be a sole proprietor or an LLC? Although the latter is typically the easier option, an LLC can ease taxes and give a bit more security in the case of bankruptcy or a lawsuit.

Gas stations have a distinct business structure from regular retail establishments. They often operate 24 hours a day, provide a variety of services, and hence require required licenses and insurance to operate. A business license is required, of course, but gas stations also need environmental permits. Permits are also necessary if you serve meals or have a business other than selling gas.

Because of shrinking profit margins and increased competition, gas stations can no longer exist only by pumping gas. As a result, the number of filling stations with on-site mini-marts has increased. According to the National Association of Convenience Stores in the United States, four out of every five gas stations in the country have some form of store.

The amount of clients who spend money on meals and drinks while also refueling has risen considerably over the years. And, while payment methods are evolving, cash remains the main means.

With all of the change that gas stations handle, a typical cash register might be relatively inexpensive to buy, but it is expensive to run and creates unnecessary security risks. Gas stations often have cheap unit prices and accept tiny denomination currencies. While the total amount of each transaction may not be large, a whole day's work generates a large number of cash transactions. At times, the quality of the banknotes is not always particularly excellent.

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Cash management difficulties in gas stations

Many gas stations provide a discount if you pay in cash because they don't have to pay additional credit card fees. But did you know that for transactions under $10, cash is the most commonly used form of payment?

Many gas station sales are typically under this amount, implying that employees on the premises deal with more cash transactions than employees in other companies. Even on a slow day, large quantities of cash may need to be handled. With so much cash on hand to sort and count, doing this manually can become two of the most time-consuming and costly aspects of the cash-management process.

Depending on the day, hundreds or thousands of people may stop to fill up their gas tanks or grab a cup of coffee. It's no surprise that gas stations get a lot of small denomination bills. The problem is that these banknotes tend to be worn out and can make it hard for basic money counting machines to actually count properly. Such old banknotes jam the machines and take so much time to count.

For example, a significant number of 20-dollar notes can be mixed up with counterfeit ones, and manually identifying them will take a long time. Additionally, developments in counterfeiting technologies have made it more difficult for personnel to identify phony banknotes manually.

When gas station cashiers change shifts, the cash transfer takes a long time, and there may be mistakes, leading to cash loss mistakes. Gas stations that use reliable money counter equipment and counterfeit detection boost their efficiency by saving time on cash procedures like cash counting and reconciliation.

Solutions a money counter can bring

Do you need the best money counter for gas station? Anyone who deals with several banknotes on a regular basis requires the best money counting machine to count or sort the notes quickly and correctly. If you operate at a gas station, the RIBAO BC-40 will meet all of your requirements.

The BC-40 employs the most durable rubber wheels produced in the United States, with a newly developed 4-axis banknote wheel. That is, it will not jam any banknotes and will allow for extremely smooth money counting.

The banknote information for substandard street quality banknotes has been acquired in the United States, and it is 100% compatible to enable smooth and effective banknote counting.

This money counter's six counting modes increase your efficiency, making it a great accessory for any gas station business with a lot of cash to sort. Even for small denominations, the value counting function that scans denominations and total amount make it simpler for this machine to detect nearly all counterfeit banknotes in circulation in the United States.

The machine is equipped with a variety of counterfeit detection functions, including RGB, UV, MG, and image recognition detection. The innovative multi-counterfeit feeding system ensures that the counting information may be sent to the computer or printed out, which is efficient for cash management. It is definitely the best money counter for gas station.


Using a money counter machine will help your staff spot suspicious bills and keep your business safe. The best money counter for gas station such as the mixed denomination money counter RIBAO BC-40 authenticate money by inspecting all of the security precautions put in hand. Any cash that does not pass examination is automatically rejected.


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