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We’ve all struggled to find change when we need it, and yet sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of - littering jeans pockets, falling behind the couch, and filling up your piggy bank. Getting rid of it is never as simple as it should be, but it’s a shame to waste it. Here we are talking about the most efficient ways to use change in 2024, and turn it into useful currency to help you manage your finances.

Before we dive in, should you even bother cashing in your coins for banknotes? First of all, let's consider whether it's worth the effort to change coins for cash.

Benefits of exchanging coins for cash

In case you need further convincing, here are some compelling reasons to exchange your loose change for cash:

Reduces clutter in your home

One major reason most people look to change coins for banknotes is how easily coins litter their homes. They stick out like a sore thumb and are relatively more difficult to store. Unlike cash, which you can keep wads in your wallet and store away, coins require more work and take more space than they are worth.

Improves your mobility

Just holding a dollar bill and a coin, you can already tell the coin weighs more. But how much more? All dollar bills weigh one gram, from the one dollar to the hundred dollar note. According to the United States Mint, the cent weighs 2.5 grams (two and half times more than the dollar bill), the Nickel weighs 5 grams (five times more than the dollar bill), and the dollar coin (about eight times more than the bill).

The problem is immediately apparent: walking about with about three to eight times more weight for the same value is just not worth the hassle.

Banknotes are acceptable everywhere

While coins and banknotes are legal tender, private businesses can still choose how they want to receive payment. Because coin management can be tricky, some businesses only prefer cash and digital transactions. This means that you might have money –in coins– and be unable to spend it.

The solution? Cash the coins, and one such the best place where you can do so is the bank near you!

Banks Offering Free Coin Exchange Services

The following are some banks that are offering free coin-cash exchange services in 2024:

Bank of America

Find one near you: 

The Bank of America helps customer to cash their coins. Their requirements to offer this service for free are that you should be a customer and that your coins are adequately rolled.

U.S. Bank

Find one near you: 

The U.S. bank will collect your coins and cash them for you, rolled or not. But you can make their job easier by submitting rolled coins. The only requirement to use this service is that you are a bank customer.

Wells Fargo

Find one near you: 

Like Bank of America, Wells Fargo offers coins for cash service, but only if you are a customer submitting the coins properly rolled.

Chase Bank

Find one near you:

Chase Bank offers convenient coin exchange services, but they do require coins to be rolled, and they offer coin wrappers if necessary. Be aware that not all branches accept coin deposits, so it's wise to verify by phone beforehand.


Find one near you:

Citibank also provides coin-cash exchange services. This service is typically free for Citibank customers, but it's always best to check with your local branch as policies can vary.

PNC Bank

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PNC Bank offers free coin counting for both customers and non-customers. They have a coin counting machine in many branches where you can dump your coins and get cash.

What are the other options for exchanging coins for free?

Suppose you do not want to use a bank, or your banking partner does not offer this service for free or at all, you can consider the following options:

Select Credit Unions

Credit unions like the Sun Coast Credit Union, Penn East Federal Credit Union, and the American Eagle Federal Credit Union offer coin for cash services. Penn East and American Eagle offer the service free of charge to members, while nonmembers must part with 2% and 10% of the total being changed respectfully. On the other hand, Sun Coast offers the service free to members if they’re changing under $100, while amounts more than $100 attract a charge of 5% for members and 10% for nonmembers.


QuikTrip is a chain of convenience and gas services stores with over 1,000 locations across the United States. Since the coin shortage caused by the pandemic, the outfit has been trying to collect as many coins as possible to use as change in their outlets nationwide. This means people can change their coins at any outlet for free.

Self Checkout at Local Retailers

You have to put some leg work in to get rid of your coins. One such way is to use your coins to handle purchases at retailers that allow self-checkout.

Local small shops or convenience stores

If you're not looking to make a purchase and simply want to exchange your coins, you can directly approach some small shops or convenience stores to inquire if they're willing to accept the exchange. In general, they are often very kind and willing to help by providing free coin exchange services.

Friends or family

You might find that your friends or family members are in need of coins, whether it's for their kids' lunch money or their piggy banks. As long as it doesn't involve exchanging a large amount of coins, they're likely willing to swap your coins for cash. It's a great option to consider.

How do you wrap/roll coins?

Much of this post has focused on wrapped or rolled coins. But how do you go about wrapping or rolling a large amount of coins?

Here’s how:

The first thing you need is the coin wrapper. Most banks give these out for free, or you can buy them at any mall or convenience store near you.

After getting the wrapper, you want to sort your coins into different types and have their corresponding wrappers available. Wrappers usually have the denomination they would hold written on them with the number of coins that can fit inside. They can also be color-coded with orange for quarters, red wrappers for pennies, green for dimes, and blue for nickels.

What’s left is to put your coins into the appropriate wrappers and properly seal off the top.

Does Coinstar cash in coins for free?

Short answer: No.

We can not talk about changing coins for cash and not mention Coinstar. Using Coinstar machines is nearly effortless and you dont need to wrap/roll coins yourself, which is why the service is top-rated. However, it's important to note that there is an 11.9% processing fee associated with exchanging your coins for cash, and this fee may vary based on your location.

So, are there any ways to avoid Coinstar's processing fee?

In fact, Coinstar offers two methods to avoid the convenience fee:

  1. The option to donate the coins to charity.
  2. Convert your money into an e-gift card.

In conlsuion, it's a good option to to use Coinstar machine. You have three options: pour in your coins for cash with an 11.9% charge that may vary depending on your location, donate the coins to charity, or convert your money to an e-gift card at no cost. If you want to learn more about Coinstar and its accuracy, here is the further reading: What is Coinstar and how accurate is it?

Other ways to get rid of your coins

There are other ways to rid yourself of your coins. They include but are not limited to the following:

Reduce your use of cash

The first step that can prevent the problem of having to exchange your loose change for cash in the first place is to reduce how much cash you use. You can not receive change if most transactions are digital or online.

Donations to Charities

Many charities will accept loose change donations. You can keep a jar of coins and donate them to a charity of your choice once it's full. It's a great way to get rid of your coins and help a good cause at the same time.

Participating in School Fundraisers

Schools often have fundraisers where they will accept loose change. This can be a great way to get rid of your coins and contribute to education funding. Check with local schools to see if they have any upcoming fundraisers.

Use coins as often as possible

If you find yourself accumulating coins, the next step is to spend them as fast as possible. Try and make your purchases in coins. Ask every retailer near you if they accept coins and use self-checkout options.

Get rid of change with Ribao Technology

Loose change is a problem we all experience, but it’s likely to diminish as we move further towards all digital transactions. Nonetheless, while the problem persists, there are several ways to change coins to cash.

You can check with your banking partner, local credit unions, or a QuikTrip convenience store. Don’t forget to check if they need your coins rolled or unrolled and follow our instructions to roll your coins properly. Converting your coins to cash is just half the battle – be sure to follow the tips in the second half of this article to avoid piling up more coins in the future, and don’t forget you can purchase a high-speed coin counter such as the HCS-3300 from Ricao Technology, that can take the hassle out of sorting coins before your trip to the bank.

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