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When it comes to US dollar bills, most people focus on its purchase power, but have you ever wondered how much a dollar bill actually weighs? In this article, we'll break down the weight of different denominations of US dollar bills and provide some interesting facts about weight of US dollar bills.

The Weights of US Dollar Bill Denominations

$1 Bills

A single $1 bill weighs 1 gram. If you were to gather 100 of these bills, they would weigh approximately 100 grams or 3.53 ounces.

$2 Bills

Like the $1 bill, the $2 bill also weighs 1 gram.

$5 Bills

A single $5 bill weighs the same as other denominations: 1 gram.

$10 Bills

The $10 bill also weighs 1 gram.

$20 Bills

A single $20 bill weighs 1 gram.

$50 Bills

Just like the other denominations, the $50 bill weighs 1 gram.

$100 Bills

The $100 bill, the highest denomination of US paper currency, also weighs 1 gram. A stack of 100 $100 bills would weigh 100 grams or 3.53 ounces, and 1,000 $100 bills would weigh 1 kilogram or 2.2 pounds.

Why do all US dollar bills weigh the same?

All U.S. dollar bills have the same weight because they are made of the same materials in the same proportions, and the paper size and dimensions are also identical. Here are the specific parameters:

  1. U.S. currency is made of a blend of 75% cotton and 25% linen.
  2. All U.S. dollar bills have a width of 2.61 inches (66.3 millimeters), a length of 6.14 inches (156 millimeters), and a thickness of approximately 0.0043 inches (0.11 millimeters).


Through our exploration of the weight of different US dollar bill denominations, we have uncovered a surprising fact: all bills weigh the same, one gram. This uniform weight is due to the consistent use of materials and dimensions in their production. This knowledge sheds light on why money weight scales can only weigh the number of bills, not the total amount.

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