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If you have a large amount of coins to count, purchasing a coin counter machine for your own use at home will not only save you time on the task of counting the coins themselves, but it will also save you the fees that would have been incurred had you counted the money at a coin counter in a store or at the bank.

For a person with a lot of time to spare, coin counting can serve as a hobby, and just like stamp organizing, it can be therapeutic. But it takes too long for anyone who has other more important things to do, so a coin counter is the best thing you can do for yourself if you have tight working hours and a small window to squeeze in a few chores and you want to avoid wasting these precious few moments on coin counting.

If you want to know the full set of benefits that a coin counter offers the average person who deals with a lot of coins, then this article is specifically for you. Read on and explore what a coin counter might do for you. This article will hopefully help you decide if a coin counter is worth investing in.

Advantanges of using coin counting machines for home use


As an added bonus, having your own currency counting device means you can use it whenever you like. Assume for a moment that you run a laundry mat. When the laundry mat closes at 2 a.m., you want to quickly tally the night's earnings. To which location would one go in order to count coins at that hour?

There are a few commonplace places to find a coin counter, although most people use either a bank or a Coinstar machine. It would be unusual for a bank to remain open past 6 o'clock, let alone past midnight. Coinstar machines are typically seen in supermarkets, which are not open around the clock. Even if you identify one that is available around the clock or one that is housed in a grocery shop, you will still need to go to it, and there is no assurance that it will be conveniently located near you.

You can count coins whenever and wherever you like with your personal device, without having to worry about the time of day or night, and with your own coin counting machine, any time is coin counting time.

Free to use

The 12% charge that Coinstar makes is public knowledge. When you're only carrying around twenty dollars in bills and coins, surrendering a few dollars won't be a huge deal. Nonetheless, as you advance in your career, you'll realize this 12% represents a sizable portion of your overall earnings. How much of $600 is 12%? You end up losing seventy-two dollars. Furthermore, if you were to trade within a 3-comma society, you would lose $120 per $1,000 you placed in coins. Fee-free transactions are available at some Coinstar locations when you redeem your coins for a supported gift voucher, but this is of little use if users don't regularly shop at these stores or don't have access to Coinstar’s dedicated gift card kiosks.

Banks normally do not charge a fee for customers, but non-customers may be subject to a 5- to 10- point fee and a cap on the total amount of coins they will accept. Additionally, several big financial institutions do not provide coin counting device services. Your best bet for finding a coin counter in your area would be to inquire at any local banks or community banks.

Coin counting kiosks have a bad reputation for theft on top of the fees they charge. With some people complaining that a large significant amount of their total coins get stolen by the machines. This may not happen often, but it does occur, and when it relates to your finances, it's better to be cautious than sorry.

Don't forget that once your money enters the fray, it will never return. If you aren't satisfied with the total quantity of coins you were given, you can utilize your own personalized coin counter to tally and redo them.

coin counting machines for home use

Reduced expenses associated with manually counting the coins

One of the main benefits of having a coin counter machine for home use is that you can count and categorize coins without having to leave the convenience of your home, place of business, or place of work. Just as a single dollar can grow over time, so too can an hour of wasted time.

Coin counting by hand can be soothing for some people. You can devote hours to it without thinking about anything else, just like crocheting, sorting stamps or drawing. A decent coin counter, however, can relieve the burden of having to manually count, sort, or wrap change for those of us who simply lack the time or endurance to do so frequently. For a seamless flow from slack to tight change, invest in a coin counter featuring roller functionality.

If you're a business owner and your workers are tallying coins manually, you could benefit from investing in a coin change machine. As a result, your staff will have additional time to assist with more challenging activities, such as technical assistance and customer service.


It’s safe to say that regardless of what you do, as long as you have to deal with a lot of loose change that goes uncounted, investing in a coin counting machine for home use is definitely something you will benefit from. You will enjoy more free time from the daunting task of sorting, counting, and wrapping up coins, and it will generally make you a happier person by giving you more time to work on yourself.

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