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Everything you need to know about Counterfeit Banknotes

Counterfeiting has exponentially grown over the years worldwide. While some countries trade in counterfeit goods, some countries have faced negative implications because of counterfeiting actions. If we talk about the definition of counterfeiting, it can be simply defined as an infringement of intellectual property. Counterfeiting can be done in several activities. Out of the lot, counterfeiting banknotes impact a nation's economy. In the United States alone, counterfeiting banknotes robs the economy of extensive growth and damages the credibility of dollars.

Even though ample resources are available for counterfeit banknotes detection, the sword remains over the economy. Some of the dangers of counterfeiting banknotes are listed below.

  • Inflation: Since counterfeiting banknotes results in fake money, increases in prices are inevitable. Inflation comes in handy when the economy is flooded with a counterfeit banknotes. As the imitated bank notes are available in bulk, the artificial money supply in the market also increases.
  • Original Value of Currency Decreases: Since counterfeit banknotes have no real value, the excessive use of fake notes reduces the currency's actual value. Towards the end of the trade chain, counterfeit banknotes do not add value to the economy.
  • Decreased Acceptability of Paper Money: Counterfeiting can be done with paper money. The enormous increase in the counterfeiting of banknotes reduces the acceptability of paper money, which only results in a digital payment ecosystem.

To combat the dangers of counterfeiting banknotes, there has been extensive development in technology to make people aware of the detection of fake banknotes and stop the spread in the economy.

How Can You Detect Counterfeit Banknotes Using Naked Eyes and Hands?

 Detecting counterfeit banknotes can be easy if you know the right triggers and knowledge. The three different ways through which you can see counterfeit banknotes using naked eyes and hands are:

  • Serial Number & Series Year: The serial number on the dollar includes a combination of 11 number and letters that appears twice on the front of each note. If the currency is authentic, the first letter of the serial number correlates with the series year to the right side of the currency.
  • Crisp Printing and Borders: The biggest flag of counterfeit money is borders and printing quality. Counterfeit banknotes have blurry borders and microprinting that is unreadable.
  • Security Ribbon: Authentic dollar notes come with a 3-D security ribbon that is placed to the right of Benjamin Franklin’s portrait. While you tilt the note upside or sideways, you can see the bells and 100s move to the side. In counterfeit notes, the security ribbon is not placed.

These methods can be used by anyone to easily detect counterfeit banknotes.

Detecting Counterfeit Banknotes Using Currency Counting Machines

The advancement in technology has made our lives easier. To curb the spread of counterfeit banknotes in the economy, the traditional counting machines have been upgraded to ensure that the detection of fake notes is easy and hassle-free. The currency counting machine comes with various tools that completely detect the banknote for any kind of counterfeiting triggers. The several ways through which currency counting machines can detect counterfeit banknotes are listed below.

Ribao mixed denomanation bill counter with counterfeit detection

Ultraviolet Detection

Since counterfeit banknotes are derived from excessive use of white or bleached paper, ultraviolet technology detects banknotes with suspected UV properties. Real currencies absorb UV light, whereas counterfeit banknotes reflect UV light and make the surface extremely bright.

Magnetic Detection

This is one of the easiest ways of detecting fake notes. The MAG of magnetic counterfeit bill detection involves unique magnetic inks. The properties are embedded in the currency through counting machines to differentiate between fake and real banknotes.

Infrared Image

 Currency counting machines are packed with infrared inspection features that aid individuals in detecting fake banknotes. The machine has an infrared light source, filters, camera, and processor that detects infrared-sensitive ink. The technology measures the bill’s thickness and confirms the authenticity of the banknote.

 RGB Image

Similar to infrared imaging, the RGB image feature is available in counting machines that reveal the genuineness of a banknote. The processor, filter and RGB-sensitive ink are used on the bill that measures the thickness of the characters and paper.

Serial Number

Serial Number is a prominent element that can be visually seen by eyes or machines. Counterfeit counting machines easily detect fake or ripple notes with fake serial numbers and notify the individual with a beep sound.


Even though you can detect counterfeit banknotes using naked eyes, the reliability of machines, especially while counting super dollars, is crucial. Super dollars are difficult to distinguish without the machine. You can try our bill counter machine BC-55 that comes with the bank-grade stereo distribution of various sensors that determines fake banknotes. Whether it’s infrared image technology or UV detection, you get all the prominent technology in BC-55 at an affordable price cap that would not burn your pockets. Contact us today and save yourself from the clutches of counterfeit banknotes.


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