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The time you or your employees have to spend on counting, sorting, and wrapping the currency can be used better and more productive. This is why having a good quality currency sorter for your business is an investment you should always consider. Counting and sorting currencies manually based on their value and country of origin is a highly labor-intensive job. Not only does a currency sorter help you to save time, but it even eliminates any human error that is more likely to happen when counting and sorting manually. Besides, there are some other advantages that you will definitely enjoy with using a currency sorter. Keep reading this article to learn more about a currency sorter, the difference between a currency sorter and a counter, and its benefits for your business.

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What is a Currency Sorter?

A currency sorter is a commonly used tool in the financial department of almost all sectors. It works wonders in simplifying the strenuous and time-consuming task of sorting the huge bundle of coins or notes, which employees can otherwise use for something productive. In addition, it prevents any errors that are likely to pop up when counting currency manually. Not to be overlooked, the use of a currency sorter to count cash is an efficient and rapid method of organizing monetary tasks.

What is the Difference Between a Bill Sorter and a Bill Counter?

Currency sorter or money discriminator and currency counter have a similar name but are meant to serve two different purposes. A currency counter is meant for counting your cash- both paper currency and coins whereby you have to feed cash into the machine, and it tallies the same for you. Depending on the features of the model that you are buying, they are able to sort bills of different denominations, with slight variations in the hopper size and speed. Adding on, some currency counters come with features available with the features of currency sorters as well and even help you to count and separate mixed bills. For instance, they can separate the fives from the tens while counting at the same time. On the other hand, some models can double as a safe vault for your cash storage. Some modern currency counters available at Ribao Technology are equipped with counterfeit detection features.

On the other hand, money sorters are developed with various features where some of the machines are best for simply sorting the money while others are equipped with advanced features. They can detect as well as authenticate the currency in detail. Thus, sorting can be conducted based on the currency bill or coin's value, denomination, orientation, and fitness. Some currency sorting machines can detect counterfeit money. At the time of inserting cash into the currency sorter machine, you do not have to take the trouble of placing it as per the orientation or denomination. This means they work well even when you have to sort mixed denominations. Some of the currency sorters available use magnetic detection, infrared detection, ultraviolet detection and CIS(Contact Image Sensor).

The Cons of Currency Sorter

Technological advancements have led to the development of new methods of counting money. It is presently possible to transfer money via electronic forms like online money transfer portals. For instance, you can send or pay money for goods and services via your credit card or mobile phone. In addition, it is also possible to send money to one’s bank account or even withdraw the same electronically. With time, more and more businesses are now adhering to this electronic mode of payment. For instance, online stores can effectively operate via electronic payment techniques like credit cards, direct bank transfers, or online money software like Mastercard and PayPal.

Also, organizations and individuals are shifting to the use of credit and debit cards to cut down on the need to handle money manually. These new trends have thrown a challenge to the need of having a currency sorter, mostly for coins, as now everyone is shifting towards the use of intangible cash. Digital currency is the new future and is ready to give a tough challenge to using paper bills.

The Benefits of Currency Sorter for Your Business

A coin or currency sorter is an amazing machine that can help you to get rid of the hassle of counting and organizing currency- both notes and coins. It is worth investing in a currency sorter in the following ways:

  • It helps save your time- A currency sorter reduces the need to invest the time required for manually counting and organizing every currency bill or coin. Having the currency sorted according to its denomination and returning it to the change drawer is time-consuming. Let the currency sorter do this task for you while you can invest that time in something else that can help your business grow. With a currency sorter in use, you will have the coins and paper bills counted, sorted, and rolled even faster than you could.
  • Helps in saving money- Time is money. This means the less you spend your time sorting and counting the money, the more you can dedicate it to helping your business grow and generate revenue. A currency sorter even takes the pressure off your employees, especially if you adhere to any kind of in-house account services. This, in turn, helps the whole business to benefit from its use. Hereby, when the accounting department of your business spends considerably less time on counting and sorting money, they can use it in some other tasks, or even you can shuffle the team and employ them in some other tasks.
  • Endless options to choose from- Considering the present-day technological advancement, you have access to an array of cash sorter choices- each designed with amazing features. There are even some currency sorters that have the features of both a currency sorter and a counter. As per your need, you can either opt for a simple currency sorter or invest in a currency sorter equipped with the features you are looking for.
    mixed denomination currency sorter machine

Where to Buy Money Sorter?

Currency or money discriminator machines have a lot of uses in this modern-day financial market. With advancements in technology and the economy, currency sorters today play a very important role in simplifying currency handling. And with the use of this money sorter machine, you will be able to invest your time to grow your business and maximize revenue. If you are looking for a quality enriched currency sorter, we have got the best currency sorter RIBAO BCS-160 equipped with features that you are looking for, that too within the your budget.

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