The 8 World's Most Valuable Currencies, US Dollar is not the highest

Whenever we think of the most valuable currencies across the globe, we usually think of the US Dollar, Pound, or Euro. Most people don't know that there are some other valuable currencies in the global economic market that are lesser known to the people. In this article, we will discuss some currencies across the globe that are more valuable than the Dollar. 


1.Kuwaiti Dinar

In the list of the most valuable currencies across the globe, Kuwaiti Dinar comes at the first position. Not everyone knows that it is the most valuable currency in the world and it has more value than the US dollar as well.

The name of this currency has a history as well. The name Dinar comes from a silver coin named Denarius that was used in the Roman empire. This word means money, and also it has the same origin in both Spanish and Portuguese. Later, the word started to indicate gold after Denarius inherited Solidus gold coins. This is the national currency in Kuwait and is also used within the regional boundary of Kuwait only.

If we turn one Kuwaiti Dinar into a dollar bill, it will be 3.3289 USD. 

the strongest currency Kuwaiti Dinar


2.Bahraini Dinar

    In the list of the world's most valuable currencies, the Bahraini Dinar comes in second place. This currency is used in Bahraini, which is, like Kuwait, one of the biggest oil exporting countries across the globe. Bahrain is a small country with a population of across a million people, and just like Kuwait, this country is also blessed with soil oil. It is a country with a very high employment rate, and one thing that should be mentioned is that the Bahraini Dinar's exchange rate against the Dollar has remained constant for more than 14 years in a row.

    1 Bahraini dinar equals 2.6525 USD, and it is the second most valuable currency across the globe. 


     3.Omani Rial

    In the third position of this list, we have the Omani Rial, which is the official currency of Oman. Oman is a small and also the oldest country in the Arabian Peninsula. The country is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. We all know that Arabian countries are famous for oil and gas exportation, and Oman is not an exception. The economy of Oman depends on oil and gas, and it is also a leading oil and gas exporting country across the globe

    1Rial = 2.5974USD


     4.Jordanian Dinar

    Next, we will talk about Jordanian Dinar. It is also one of the most valuable currencies across the globe, which comes with a short history. This currency started its journey on July 1, 1950, when the country officially took the decision to circulate its own currency. At that time, this currency was equivalent to the British pound. In August 1971, the US dollar ceased to be freely convertible, and in the same year, Jordan officially declared the Dinar to be pegged to US dollars.

    If we convert a Jordanian Dinar into US dollar bills, it would be 1.4124USD. 


    5.British Pound

    It is a familiar name on the list. It is the national currency and monetary unit of the United Kingdom, and the Bank of England officially issues the currency. Britain is a first-world capitalist country that is also developed in economical services such as banking, finance, business, etc. 

    If we look at the scenario before the war, it was the most powerful country in the world and the circulation rate of the British pound was very high. Even now, the British pound is considered one of the world's most valuable and impactful currencies across the globe.

    1 pound = 1.4162 USD



    Euro is not a currency of a single country, but it is a currency of 19 countries in the European Union which the European Central Bank manages along with the Central Banks of the Eurozone Countries in the European system of Central banks. The currency was adopted by the EU countries due to the unification of monetary policy on January 1, 1999. It became the only legal tender in the eurozone in July 2002.

    1 Euro = 1.1848usd


     7.Swiss Franc

    It is the official and legal tender of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which is a quite hard currency issued by the Swiss Central Bank. Though most of the neighboring countries of Switzerland use Euro, which is also accepted in several institutions in Switzerland as well, Franc still remains the official currency of Switzerland. On January 15, 2025, the Swiss Franc was unpegged from the Euro.

    1 FRANC = 1.1132USD


     8.US DOLLAR

    There has been a circulation of several versions of US dollar bills issued since 1929. Currently, the currency is controlled by the US Federal Reserve System. The US officially established the Federal Reverse System in 1913, and since then, the country has issued Federal Reserve Notes. In the recent market scenario of the US, more than 99% of circulating banknotes are Federal Reserve Notes.

    most tradable currency US Dollar



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