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Before the era of computerized cash registers and calculators, people had to manually count change. Likewise, even today, with technological advancements in place, you can still end up in a situation where you might not find the register working properly, or maybe you have ended up entering the wrong amount. In either situation, manual counting is what you have to restrict to. Counting backward is a very easy way to make sure that you offer the exact change- not a penny extra, not a penny less. If you are not aware of how to receive or give change, then you will not be sure that you have been given the right amount or whether the person you are dealing with tried to cheat you or made an error.

How to count change?

Counting change and returning it to the customer is an easy task if you have a proper idea of what you are actually doing and know the maths. There is a number of ways that you can adopt for counting change. You can first read the number on the cash register, followed by counting back the change amount to the customer. This ensures that you have given the right change to the customer. Second, you can also count the change from the total amount of the sales and the cash you have received.

1.Counting the number on the cash register-

If you are counting the number on the cash register, you are actually ensuring that you have received the exact amount right from the register. However, what to do if you entered the wrong amount incorrectly, right at the beginning? Then the displayed amount on your cash counter will be wrong as well, which means you will also return the wrong change amount to the customer.

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2.Counting from the amount that is tendered-

This method reduces the chances of ending up with the wrong deal. For instance, the total sales amount is $8.64, and the customer handed you a $10 bill. Now you do not need to have an idea of what the change should be, i.e., you do not have to do any subtraction to understand the total due. All you must do is start counting up from the sales amount, i.e., $8.64.

Now to count change, you can adhere to these small tips:

  • Begin with the pennies to reach any multiple of 10 or 5.
  • Next, you must use a dime or nickel as soon as you get a multiple of 25.
  • You can use quarters until you make it to a dollar
  • Use 1 dollar bill till you reach any multiple of 10 or 5.
  • Use the 5-dollar bills till you reach a 10-dollar bill, or use a 10-dollar bill till you make it to 20.

For instance, you have a sales amount of $8.64. Now use the penny to make it $8.65. Now start with quarters till it is $9. Then you can use either quarters or one-dollar bills. That is all. It is that simple.

However, the tricky part is to grab the right coins to give back to the customers as fewer coins change. Remember, no one love the idea of walking away with a lot of nickels or dimes or quarters.

Any other ways to count change? (change counter)

Counting coins usually take a lot of time, sometimes several hours while sometimes even days, in case you have a huge amount of change. But then, you cannot keep your customers waiting for hours or days to render change, right? So the easiest method here is to buy a currency or change counter that can help you handle coins and render the exact change to your valued customers without making them wait longer.

A good quality change counter machine equipped with various features can efficiently and quickly count the change as per the denomination or value of the coins. Some change counters place the due coins into a wrapper, making it easy to roll and carry the coins as change. Whether you need to sort a large number of coins as a change or simply have to organize the pocket change, reach out to ribaostore to get yourself a good quality currency or change counter.

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Where to buy a change counter?

While it is true that digital currency is taking over the use of paper bills or coins, the former can never eliminate the existence of paper bills. No matter how often you use digital currency, there is still some affection for those paper bills or coins in your wallet. If you run a business, even today, it is a must to offer your customers the options for cash payment alongside a digital currency facility. And this makes it necessary to have a change counter to count change. It is a very useful machine that you must have to make cash transactions and easily provide change to the customers. If you are looking for a reliable source to get a good quality change counter, make sure to visit ribaostore.


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